Fine Australian Labradoodle Puppies

Born in the USA

Yankee Doodle Families - Thanks for choosing to love one of our babies & being a part of our family!

Gracie Dearen in her new car seat!!! Let's go Mom! 
Thanks for the pic, Momma Ella.



Fudge Brownie and Family



Just got back from the vet for Sydney's last round of boosters and she is doing great. She weighed in at 10 pounds today, so she is truly turning out to be a mini! The vet said he'll be surprised if she gets over 20 pounds. She is more and more of a joy everyday! 

Here is Yankee Doodle's Sydney and her kids!

She is such an awesome pup! We just love her! She is very loving and so good tempered! She's doing great with her crate and with housebreaking. We've only had one accident and that was because I brought her in too soon. I've attached a picture of her sleeping after we got home. I'll send more pictures later this week. Thanks again!
Mary Keathey


Hi Karen,
We named our new puppy Libby. I am amazed at how smooth everything is going. She doesn't seem to miss her mom and friends. She likes Lucy Lu, but Lucy is still a little stand offish. Lucy loves my daughters little 8 lb. dog ,that we puppy sit daily.So I'm sure tomorrow they will be playing. They lay down next to each other.Libby has a wonderful personality. She loves to sit in my lap(which I love) Lucy didn't do that much. She was always to hot to cuddle.She prefers the cool tile floor. Thank-you so much for another wonderful puppy.

Jeanne's Lucy Lu
Waiting on a pic of Lucy with her new little sister Libby!



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